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Where would you like more electric vehicle charging points in Tees Valley?


We are all in the process of big changes, what would you do to make it succeed?

The UK Govt has outlined plans to cut carbon emissions by 78% by 2035.  This includes that the sale of new cars that run solely on petrol or diesel will be banned in 2030 – with new hybrids legal until 2035.

To make this happen in our region, the Tees Valley has been granted up to £2 million to build infrastructure to help make this coming change to electric vehicles.  This summer Tees Valley will start this project by increasing electric vehicle charging points (EVCPs) in public car parks. 


We are interested in finding future locations for public electric vehicle charging points on residential streets and neighbourhoods that have no access to off-street private parking or where it is not currently possible to install a private electric vehicle charging point to a residence.  We are asking for general areas rather than specific addresses in order to do further feasibility work.

Submit your views

Your response will help collect key information but will not be the sole determining factor as to where ECVPs or other infrastructure is built across Tees Valley.

For additional information on electrical vehicle charging please visit (external site) of the Energy Savings Trust Guide to charging electric vehicles. (includes various maps that showing current locations of  EV charging points in the UK)

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