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Ways to travel

A pivotal year for our climate

In November, the UK hosts COP26 in Glasgow, bringing world leaders together to tackle climate change.

The UK is aiming to secure a global plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as from cars and factories, to zero by 2050. It could be the moment we turn climate change around.

The UK’s greener than you know

We’re tackling climate change better than you might think. A lot of that is down to people behaving differently in day-to-day life, going #OneStepGreener for the planet. Which also means thinking about the way we travel on our everyday journeys - to work, school or to town.

Make your journey part of the solution

Let's Go Tees Valley is here to help you with your travel choices. Even making just one journey a week by bike, on footbus, train or car-sharing can make a difference to you, your neighbourhood and the planet.

And how we travel is something we can think about for every trip we need to make. With just a little bit of thought, we can all travel greener, healthier and cheaper than before. 

Find out more about your travel options:

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