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Easy family cycling routes in the Tees Valley


Family cycling at the Tees Barrage

Fun routes for all the family

We've tried and tested a number of family-friendly cycling routes around the Tees Valley to give you some ideas of where to go with your budding bike riders. All these rides have been fully risk assessed and use mainly cycle paths, some may have some short sections of quiet roads or residential streets.

Happy cycling!

Teddy bears picnic

Wynyard Woodland Park - 6.6 miles

An out-and-back ride along a beautiful, flat woodland path along the former railway line, with playground and cafe at the start (and end) of the route.

View the Wynyard Woodland cycle route here.

Tees Bridges - Middlesbrough - 7.4 miles

Starting at Teesaurus Park, this gentle ride takes you along the river, over the Newport Bridge, then alongside the Tees to the Infinity Bridge in Stockton, then back along the other side of the river. 

View the Tees Bridges cycle route here.

Teesaurus Park

Dinosaur Picnic - Stockton to Middlesbrough - 7.4 miles

This gentle, flat out-and-back ride starts at the Tees Barrage and takes you over the Infinity Bridge and along the south side of the river to Teesaurus Park. After you've picnic'ed with the dinosaurs, jump back on the bikes, head back along the river, crossing again at the Newport Bridge and head back along to the Barrage along the north side of the river. Don't forget to look for seals!

View the Dinosaur Picnic cycle route here.

Albert Park to Stewart Park - 8 miles

From one glorious park to another, this ride takes you along the fantastic urban cycle paths of Middlesbrough. Have a break from the bike at Stewart Park for a picnic and a play in the adventure playground, then retrace your route back to the start at Stewart Park.

View the Albert Park to Stewart Park cycle route here.

Lake to Lake - Middlesbrough - 8 miles

Similar to the park to park route, this ride is on urban cycle paths away from the roads. Starting at the car park on Nuneaton Drive at Hemlington Lake, follow the cycle paths to Stewart Park, with loads to do once you get there. On the way back, you can explore the routes through Coulby Newham to Fairy Dell. Drop into the little cafe at Hemlington for a well deserved cuppa at the end!

View the Hemlington to Stewart Park route here.

Cycling to Middleton St George

Middleton St George Flyer - Darlington to MSG - 10.5 miles

This route starts at South Park in Darlington and follows the urban cycle routes to the edge of town. Cycle through beautiful woodland through to Middleton St George and stop at the play park for a rest and a snack. Vary your return route by heading south along the circular route and join the Morton Park route back to South Park. And relax!

View the Darlington to Middleton St George cycle route here.

Family cycling Redcar to Saltburn

Coast to Coast - Redcar to Saltburn - 11.2 miles

This route takes you along the majestic North East coast with beaches and rockpools to explore along the way. Starting in Redcar, follow the paved cycle route all the way to Saltburn, stopping for a paddle and an ice-cream whenever you fancy! The return leg is along the same route, easy peasy cycling for the whole family.

View the Redcar to Saltburn route here.

Hurworth Burn Reservoir

Hurworth Burn - Wynyard Woodland Park - 12 miles

A more challenging version of the Wynywrd Woodland Park route, this ride also starts at the cafe and heads north along the track. At the 6 mile mark, break your journey with a rest at the Hurworth Burn resevoir, then make your way back along the cycle route to the starting point.

View the Wynyard to Hurworth Burn route here.


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