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Walking and Cycling at West Park Garden Village

Walking and cycling at West Park Garden Village

At West Park Garden Village, you are within easy walking or cycling distance of many places you’ll need to visit on a regular basis. Within a 15 minute walk or bike ride, you’ll find:

  • Primary and secondary schools
  • Shops and convenience stores
  • Healthcare and medical facilities
  • Leisure and sports facilities
  • Many bus stops with direct services to Darlington town centre and train stations


It only takes around 15 minutes to walk 2km, with many shops, schools and other amenities within reach by foot.

Walking from West Park Garden Village

The majority of Darlington is within a 30 minute bike ride from West Park Garden Village.

Cycling from West Park Garden Village


Don’t have a bike? Bike Stop Darlington sells affordable, refurbished bikes so you can take two wheels without breaking the bank. They also sell new bikes and e-bikes.


Not sure which way to go? Jordan and Andy will provide you with a local walking and cycling map. If you’d like a qualified cycle ride leader to accompany you on a regular journey to take you from A to B by bike, ask about the free Let’s Go Tees Valley Bike Buddy scheme!


Bike needs a bit of TLC? Just head to Bike Stop Darlington for a free bike service. They will check your bike for safety and will make adjustments and minor repairs to make sure your bike is fit for the road.


Not confident on your bike? We can organise free training for you as an individual, couple, family or small group of friends.


Want to join a group ride or club? Great news! Bike Stop also runs free guided bike rides from beginner level upwards. Or check out the regular rides with Darlington Cycling Club.


Download walking and cycling map

About Bike Stop Darlington

About Bike Buddy Scheme

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