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Let's Glow Ladies

Whether you are cycling to work or to meet friends for coffee, one thing that can play on your mind, especially during the summers months, is am I going to arrive looking like a sweaty mess?!

A healthy glow is a great, but sweaty, messed up hair and mascara down our face is not a look any of us want to be rocking.

Here’s our top tips to help you stay cool, calm and collected on two wheels.

Slow things down

One of the great things about cycling instead of driving is that your journey time is much more predictable. Once you have got used to making your everyday journeys by bike you will know exactly how much time you will need. Leave earlier and you can take it at an easier pace, taking in your surroundings and enjoying the summer sunshine. One the way home from work you can even meet friends for a drink or stop off for guilt-free ice cream.

Dress for success

There’s really no need for any specialist cycle clothing (apart from a helmet of course), although a waterproof jacket is always a good idea during British summertime. Wear what is comfortable and makes you feel good. Wide leg trousers can be prevented from catching in your chain with cycle clips, legwarmers or even an emergency hair bobble! When it’s cooler a couple of lighter layers work best and you can always change when you get to work.

Pannier power

Carrying a rucksack may leave you even more prone to dreaded damp patches on your daily commute. So feel the breeze and consider investing in some panniers for your bike. Or for a great retro look why not go for an old school basket?

Helmet hair SOS

Helmets are a must for every cyclist, but as we all know that can lead to helmet hair. There’s nothing worse than arriving at work to find your waves have been flattened or your bob has gone bouffant. Dry shampoo and root lift spray will be your new best friend. Carry it with you or keep it in your desk drawer for emergencies. Tie long hair back or go for a breezy summer plait, and make sure you have a brush with you.

Swerve the sweat

If you are lucky enough to have a shower and changing facilities at work then brilliant, you have the chance to freshen up before you hit your desk. But there’s really no need. Once you know how long your journey takes you can leave extra time for a stress-free cycle or pick up the pace for a pre-office workout and have some wet wipes and deodorant to hand when you get there. Breakfast calories burnt before you switch your PC on – bonus!

Go with the glow

Riding your bike has a range of brilliant health and beauty benefits. Improved blood flow does wonders for your skin, hair and nails, and fresh air can put the colour back in your cheeks. So make waterproof mascara a make-up must-have, pack a powder compact and go with the glow!

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