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Riding an e-bike makes cycling easy and so much fun

Janet, a local authority officer from Markse, has always been a fan of bike riding, but only recently decided to switch to an e-bike. She tells us why, and what she gets out of it...

When did you get your e-bike and why?

I got my e-bike in October 2019 in an end-of-season sale – bargain! I’d been thinking about getting one in a few years but when this one came up and it met all of my requirements I jumped at the chance. I’ve always enjoyed cycling but as I got older I found it harder to keep cycling for as long as I used too and if there were hills I would only be able to do a few before my legs tired. It was beginning to put me off going out on it and I began talking myself out of using it. The time had come to make a change! 

What’s it like to ride?

It is like having a new pair of legs! Chris Hoy muscly type legs! I no longer worry about my capabilities and just get back to enjoying the ride! Because I enjoy it more, I use it more too, and some places that I would have chosen to go in the car in the past, I now feel confident to jump on the bike. Better for my health, better for my purse, and better for the environment. WIN! WIN! WIN! 

How far can you go on a charge and have you ever run out of battery?

So far I have always been able to go where I want to without running out of charge. The furthest I have gone between charges is 75 miles. It uses up power more quickly if you use the higher assistance mode, but I can quite easily pedal along most of the time in ‘eco’. My e-bike monitor tells me approximately how much charge I have left so I never feel anxious about it, and after all, you can still pedal it without the assistance!

What’s the best thing about riding an e-bike?

Getting rid of the limitations of riding that I had before. I can ride for as long as I want, up and down as many hills as I want. My cycling world has just got bigger!

Is there anything you’d say to someone thinking about giving it a go?

If getting an e-bike can keep you cycling for longer (both in distance and age) then it can only be a good thing. Right?

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