Avoid Slips and Falls in Icy Winter Conditions

Slips and trips increase significantly during the Autumn and Winter months. Darker mornings and evenings, moss and decaying leaves on pathways as well as snow and ice are all contributing factors.

RoSPA is a great source of information on all aspects of safety and has top advice on avoiding slips, trips and falls in the winter weather  – we have listed them below but for more information click through to their website.

Walk like a penguin?

It might sound silly, but walking taking small steps with your feet turned out, like a penguin, could be one way of helping to stay upright when it is slippery. We found this little video below which gives a great demonstration of the technique!



Other ways to ensure you stay upright! 

  • Wear sturdy footwear, with a good grip - you can always change into other footwear when you have reached your destination
  • If you've got Nordic walking poles (or similar), use them
  • Take it slowly and allow yourself extra time to get from A to B, so you don't find yourself having to make a last minute dash to get to the bus etc.
  • Keep an eye on what is underfoot. Some places will remain icy for longer than others (e.g. places that do not get the sun)
  • If you have neighbours who are elderly/disabled/new mums etc. offer to pop to the shops for them
  • If councils have provided grit bins so people can treat public areas not included on the usual gritter route, use them - but don't remove vast quantities for your own personal use.

For employers:

For employers the Health and Safety Executive has information on preventing employee slips and injury both on the way to and from work as well as inside your workplace.

This advice includes looking at your site, asking your staff and even shadowing their activities to ensure that steps are taken to reduce risks across your premises as well as when employees are arriving and leaving work on foot.


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